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Ganika or Yakshi
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Posted: 2024-04-19 00:50:38

The debate on whether the Didarganj Yakshi, a stone carving discovered in Patna (India) around the turn of the 1900s, dating back to between 1-3 BC, is a representation of a Ganika (courtesan) or a Yakshi (a minor nature deity) remains unsettled.

So what is the Didarganj Yakshi, and why is it a marvel.
It is a full scale stone carving in proportion to height, size, both front and back (3D) of a sensuous female. Believed to have been carved around 1-3 BC. It's is one of the most popular statue discoveries of modern times and has traveled around the world more than any other.

My view,

Could she have been a Ganika (Courtesan) and that the king she pleased at the time loved her so much that he ordered this monumental carving of her; thereby immortalising her for eternity. Today we still debating whether she was a sex worker or a deity. But whoever she was, she left a profound impression on someone.


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