Deepstroke - Review - Eve - Centurion Pretoria
Review - Eve - Centurion Pretoria
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24 Apr 2016
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Posted: 2021-11-25 12:28:44
Edited: 2021-11-25 12:32:11

<b>Name:</b> Eve

<b>City:</b> Pretoria

<b>Area:</b> Centurion

<b>Last Visit:</b> November 2021

<b>Full Profile:</b> [<a href="/members/displayAdvertiser.php?uid=83177" target="_blank">View Eve's Full Profile</a>]


Took the plunge and decided to pay this very petite lady a visit. She has a good telephone manner and after all arrangements were made and agreed, I made my way to her place.

Trouble started when she received and took close on 4 calls within the first 5min of my arrival. All the while attempting to give me a covered BJ in between these calls. She eventually got a fifth call and this turned out to be her other booking - she'd double booked me!

It was at this point that I got up, cleaned up and walked out of the door. Credit to her for not asking for a cancellation fee or anything like that, but this was such a waste of my time.

I shall not be returning to see Eve. Her service standards are nowhere. Shocking!!

Pissed me right off!




<b>Personality:</b> 4/5
<b>Telephone Manner:</b> 5/5
<b>Venue Cleanliness:</b> 4/5
<b>Personal Cleanliness:</b> 4/5
<b>Privacy:</b> 5/5
<b>Service:</b> 1/5

<b>Will you return?</b> No
<b>Advertiser looked like the Photos?</b> Yes
<b>Secure Parking?</b> Yes

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Alphatank - Re: Review - Eve - Centurion Pretoria
Re: Review - Eve - Centurion Pretoria
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Posted: 2021-11-25 14:36:43

Unprofessional. Removed her from my favorites. We move on there's plenty of ladies.


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