Hung_Stud85 - Re: Review - Claudia Gentlemens Delight - Bloubergstrand Cape Town
Re: Review - Claudia Gentlemens Delight - Bloubergstrand Cape Town
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22 Jul 2019
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Posted: 2021-07-26 21:25:05

I have yet to meet this lovely lady, but she has a solid reputation and body to match. From the time she was in fourways I've yet to see one single negative review. This futile attempt is nothing in comparison.

Maybe soon gorgeous lady Clau.
JonSmith - Re: Review - Claudia Gentlemens Delight - Bloubergstrand Cape Town
Re: Review - Claudia Gentlemens Delight - Bloubergstrand Cape Town
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17 Jun 2019
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Posted: 2021-07-29 15:31:18

Name: Claudia Gentlemens Delight

City: Cape Town

Area: Bloubergstrand

Last Visit: July 2021

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I have been visiting Claudia for a couple of years now, on a regular basis. She is an attractive, intelligent lady who offers great service and company.
I'm not a novelist so I'm not going to try and write an erotic short story - just a basic factual description of the session.
As you see I scored Claudia all '5's, and I know sometimes people look at that and say 'obviously biased - no-one is all 5s'' but the honest truth is it wouldn't be fair to penalise her in any way in any category. 'Face' and 'Body' are always going to be subjective, but I find her attractive and easy on the eye in every respect - in my opinion.
When I arrived at the gate she buzzed me in and I was able to park in undercover parking. Up in the lift, and didn't see anyone... (no book to sign!).
The door opened and there stood Claudia, sexily dressed as always, big welcome smile, and waved me in.
We started by sitting on the balcony, taking in the amazing views of the beach and Table mountain, and relaxed over a cigarette and some small talk.
From there into the bedroom - the apartment is clean and neat, and the bathroom spotless.
Started with a full body massage. when I first started seeing her she used to ask me a lot "is this ok?"/ "harder/softer?" and so on, but by now she knows what I enjoy, and she just gets on with it.
I enjoy being played with, and Claudia gradually moves down there, and plays away until I respond...
next stop condom - expertly put on with her mouth, which then progresses naturally to the BJ. (everything is covered, but she is an expert!).
Next she gets on top of me - we both enjoy reverse cowboy, and together we control the speed and rhythm, making sure I don't explode...
When I really can't hold back any longer I ask her to stop and we switch positions. I have always liked doggy, but if I go straight to doggy with Claudia I come in about 10 seconds, so its good old fashioned man on top, and we go our guns, changing position slightly if we feel like it.
She is ultra-responsive, and I just charge for as long as I can, before exploding.
Afterwards we both roll on our backs, and there is no rush.
She cleans me up and I get to use the shower, which is always clean and stocked with soap and clean towels.
All in all a wonderful hour - cant wait for next time.
Thank you Claudia!



Face: 5/5
Body: 5/5
Personality: 5/5
Telephone Manner: 5/5
Venue Cleanliness: 5/5
Personal Cleanliness: 5/5
Privacy: 5/5
Service: 5/5

Will you return? Yes
Advertiser looked like the Photos? Yes
Secure Parking? Yes

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