Welcome to the ultimate in Adult Industry..... welcome to my ChicagoLand... where fantasy become realities and kinks are worshipped for being different and daring, Rather than blending into society boring Vanilla substandard background. Let me show you how to stand out in a world that you were born to blend in. I am Chicago. The original "Virtual Hoe" and nastiest of all Daddy's little girls. I am known as a trendsetter and that little sarcastic ray of freaken sunshine you need to brighten up your life. I know what men want and need to be treated and and I have perfected a certain set of skills that is required to please the coldest of hearts... It's my dream to leave my mark in this industry no matter what. To bring the business back to the bare basics that it once was. a companion that one feels secure to fall back on and know you can be free to be the person you long to be. Never to be frowned on or judged again. To be accepted and worshipped for just been a man or lady you are. Filling a missing part in someones life. There is no greater honor than been chosen than that. I will prove above all , that This industry is based on respect and love, trust and most of all intimacy. What sets me apart from everyone else is that everything I do big or small, I put my whole heart into it. I get offended when it's referred to as business to me. It's not my business. I do take it personally. You are in my bed.. or table or floor. Kissing my lips is looking into my eyes. Someone must be made of stone to treat another person like just another number. My gents are my life. I chose to put them first. They are the reason I have settled as a single lady in a peaceful, discreet and luxurious 5star environment. I have dedicated and devoted my entire adult life to this industry. Starting from the age of 18 as an exotic dancer. I found happiness and joy in been chosen as that special someone to make a man happy and adored, but mostly I know what any man craves...... Time Is not my number 1 priority.. I'm not here to put my men on a stopwatch or a timer.. a moment in time can be the difference in someones life. Just take that *time* and ask them. To cut someone short over something so minimal as a few extra bucks is really appalling. That's No way to treat anyone in life. Especially as service provider.

My men are not considered, "clients" or "business transactions" The pedestals I put each of them on are taller than skyscrapers. Please feel to ask anyone of them. I am proof that the old school courtesans are still the boss baby's in this bizz. Courtesan , exotic dancer. Model, and pornstar. I am constantly looking for ways to further my skills, to keep my gents interested and entertained.. From the most sensual GFE to the nastiest PSE. I don't offer sessions but rather a one of a kind experience. Every detail is meticulously planned and catered for... from only wearing my trademark *PLEASER* stripper heels to my lingerie, outfits and costumes.. see through lace to PVC corset or angelic babydoll lingerie dresses. I have it, even.if I don't, be assured I will make a plan as I wouldn't be caught dead to open the door in my pj's or even Jean's for that matter. I'm not here to be anyone's wife, or girlfriend or else you would not have sat and read this for so long. I am here to show you how to Express total sexual freedom. Only way to do this successfully is be the sluttiest sex symbol every man dreams of. We each are individuals and we want different things. Differences must be embraced and celebrated. As people all long for the same respect, devotion and love. Even after the nastiest naughtiest PSE treatment, that sweaty, out of breath man still wants to be told that 'baby you rocked more than my world' Kissed on the forehead and know without even saying a word .. wow 'This woman does sees me and adores me' Imagine knowing it's genuine love and care. Not a show. I have been told I'm very intimidating. However this can't be further from the truth. I have a big heart and I give my all to anyone I have the pleasure of meeting. I am very straightforward and don't believe in sugar coating anything, I don't work in a sweet factory. Those who know me, knows that I would give you my sock right off my foot for you to cum in, if that's what you asked... lmao... straight to hell for that joke.

All I ask is that my kindness isn't taken for weakness. Respect and honesty are foundations that any relationship is built on.

Thank you for taking your time to understand a bit of who I am. .Who Chicago is. I do hope to have the pleasure of pleasing you soon. You after all.. is why I'm still here. Cause you need me......

NO ONE DOES IT LIKE CHICA DOES IT!!!! So they say, Time and time and time again.

With Love Always Chicago 1


Area: Centurion/Lyttelton
Age: 33
Build: Sexy
Height: 1.52
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown
Languages: English and Italian
Starsign: Leo
Smoker: Yes
Last Online: 47 minutes ago
Body Art: Yes Tattoos
Jewellery and Perfume
Bad Personal Hygiene and Rudeness
Yes, secure parking on premises


063 979 1984
24/7 / Travel: Yes
Tap Number to Call

Pictures Taken: 25 Mar 2022
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