El Presidente
El Presidente - Re: Review - Bahama - Midrand/Noordwyk Johannesburg
Re: Review - Bahama - Midrand/Noordwyk Johannesburg
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6 Oct 2020
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Posted: 2021-01-03 12:07:17

Happyman, u must in the levels of Mandingo or even more. If Bahama couldn't handle u??? Mmmhhh....

Phela that phat ass is made for any pounding that could surface.
jikaa - Re: Review - Bahama - Hatfield Pretoria
Re: Review - Bahama - Hatfield Pretoria
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10 Apr 2018
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Posted: 2021-01-13 05:40:09

Name: Bahama

City: Pretoria

Area: Hatfield

Last Visit: January 2021

Full Profile: [View Bahama's Full Profile]


You already know when money is demanded upfrond before the service that you gona be subject with shit service,she has no whipers,using tissue instead,no running water,always complaining about the dick,making uncornfortable to penetrate,dnt even waste your money on this one,she is thinking that she is doing us a favour while we pay and treat her well,this business is not for her,she must just pack her bag and go back to KZN



Face: 3/5
Body: 3/5
Personality: 1/5
Telephone Manner: 3/5
Venue Cleanliness: 2/5
Personal Cleanliness: 2/5
Privacy: 3/5
Service: 1/5

Will you return? No
Advertiser looked like the Photos? Yes
Secure Parking? Yes

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