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8 Jan 2021
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Posted: 2021-01-13 23:51:37

Name: Jessica

City: Johannesburg

Area: Alberton/Meyersdal

Last Visit: January 2021

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--- THIS IS A ROOKIE REVIEW * ---- I looked at you I honestly thought: "Whoever created you must have put a lot of thought into it."

Her appearance is STUNNING!!! Jessica is gorgeous and sexy alright from head to toe. She has a beach body. She also has the attributes to be Victoria's Secret next top model.

This babe is not stiff. Her body is actually flexible enough.

In reality her breasts are a whole lot juicier.

Her subway is clean and pretty (yeah, she's pretty down there).

Cool, calm and collected. Very patient too and kind hearted. She put her charm around me.

"Would you like to play with me?" She asked with such an eager tone of voice.

Hard working girl equipped with skills and the correct mindset.

Drug free.

I had a wonderful time Jessica and the next will be epic. I'm recharging for...YOU.

Thank you for your time, patience and endurance.

You're a SUPER STAR!!!...

..Therefore I plea that you stay just the way that you are...



Face: 5/5
Body: 5/5
Personality: 5/5
Telephone Manner: 5/5
Venue Cleanliness: 5/5
Personal Cleanliness: 5/5
Privacy: 5/5
Service: 5/5

Will you return? Yes
Advertiser looked like the Photos? Yes
Secure Parking? Yes

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* Until Cake Lover built up some Street Cred, Rookie Reviews will not be tracked on the Comments and the Review By Area system.


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