An epic journey slinkers it's way from the rainstorms to the kindest of sunshine. Clouds filled with the softness of pearly white foam, cushions its twirls from the whispers of chanting winds. From one bodied oak to the dampest of ashes, engraves memorable stalks and wrinkles of the Fairy Fountain. Bodies of hail applauded from the skies sprinkle and fill the infant mass. Sternness of boulders, gently outcrop from the paraded grounds of natures' own gravel. These are the living tales of the Mystical land of the Fairy Fountain.

The wonderers take on another maze in the magical land to what can be seen as a dippy dream to paths of adventure. There was no hounding escape from such elation. They unravel new mysteries as they glance at another sight of a mysterious fairy, lo and behold, this creature emerges in space surrounded by the lands very own heart. This fairy is the treasured atomic species in the land, she travels around the green lands of chimes and chords of stringed motifs in the eye of the beholder.

Billows through the rimmed chimneys of coal aroma, steamed from enormous kindles, begs a call in the railways and choo choos a wagon that sprinkles the breath of mystery. Awaited to be seen on solid rails, a high distant embodied tower over the bridge of fondly thoughts and contemplated bonds oracles the gift of this creatures' grandeur. The wonderers plea the chants of harmonious symbols of numerical significance of order. With sophisticated patterns; symmetrical designs and telepathic embroidered fragments, this fairy holds the key to this timeless journey.

The orb of this mysterious fairy glistens with treasures of shimmering light that hips the curves of the fragrant ashes. Time oh time, the wonderers anticipate. Time oh time is the lands very own time.

The fairy welcomes the wonderers with delight to joyous celebrations of chimes and charms. They mellow the sweetness of tongues from the unknown to pleasant tastes that encompasses the prints of yet another epic twist in the Mystical land of the Fairy Fountain.

As nature calls her the Trixeif Fairy

To be continued... 1


Area: Rosebank
Age: 33
Build: Sexy
Height: 1.68
Hair: Various
Eyes: Brown
Languages: English
Starsign: Aries
Smoker: No
Last Online: 4 minutes ago
Body Art: N/A
Being Spoiled
Bad Personal Hygiene, WhatsApps and Private Numbers
Private Apartment
Yes, Secure


072 145 3207
24/7 By appointment / Travel: Yes
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Pictures Taken: 28 Dec 2020
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