Joe690 - Re: Grab your pop corn
Re: Grab your pop corn
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7 Mar 2017
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Posted: 2017-11-19 16:38:49

Here we go again. Trouble in the air, smell it.
Victoria - Re: Grab your pop corn
Re: Grab your pop corn
3 Aug 2017
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Posted: 2017-11-20 08:54:23

Q20 aka gdog aka thelmp aka ... Aka... Aka...
Whoever causes issues and problems here eventually we have enough of entertaining his kind of BS. Why is he even here??
It takes a certain kind if insecurity and mental fragility or illness to do what he has been doing for months..

Was really looking forward to what he had to rant about but no surprise that he, as usual, deleted his profile, again, after his latest post

He will be back in a few days under a different handle posting the same KAK, getting no where.

ESA can't you just block him permanently? He ALWAYS comes back as a goldmember so the office knows from credit card details who this is. Please stop him from coming back. We always spot him because of his wfiging style and choice of comments. Patterns people, always give a person away.... Lol

The ESA world is for serious punters, or so I thought ... Not crazies like this guy... Lol

Was really looking forward to my caramel salted popcorn today .... And no, I haven't seen this idiot, he offered me the "freebies for a review" and I said NO, obviously.


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