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Posted: 2017-11-18 10:58:32

I took a gamble last night because boredom had me by my nuts, so I decided to drive to the East Rand to see what's on offer that side.

I ended up at Chivalry. Easy to find and enough parking space given the size of this 'gentleman's lounge'. There's a guard, I parked as close as close possible to where he was standing because it was first time there. You pay to get in - 100 bucks at the door.

There's a bar area, but not a very big selection. I don't know much about the East Rand, but I assume they don't go crazy with their selection due to what regulars drink - no disrespect to the people in the East. Not the best of service from the waitresses and it's quicker to buy from the bar.

There were three or five pretty ladies, but they were already catering to gents who I assume got there earlier than me. The majority are white women (I saw two that were very cute, and in shape - I'd say they are still under 30). The others seem to have been around the block judging by their faces. A few black ladies (I could probably count them on one hand - one is very pretty), two coloured ladies (one was really pretty with a great body) and one Asian lady - I couldn't tell whether she's Thai or Filipino. Short, curvaceous with a cute face. She did a strip show, so my assumption is that she's not a she-male, but one never knows.

For a strip club that offers extras, I'd say they are reasonably priced compared to The Grand and Teazers, but compared to venues like SP and the Harem, they are smoking their socks as far a pricing goes - it's also a gamble since there are no reviews. Just to give an indication, what you pay for an hour at the Harem or SP, you get 30 minutes at Chivalry. Not sure who books for 30 minutes, but anyway. I don't recall seeing a shower in the room I was shown or shower facilities nearby. The room I saw was quite plain (not umpmarket) and it had a jacuzzi inside. They have a massage room, but I don't know how skilled their ladies are when it comes to massages. They did mention that some of the ladies who were at Divine work there, but no further details were given.

It was a slow night, and it seemed like most of the ladies were desperate for bookings, so it was kind of annoying that most of hostesses push you for a booking or a lap dance five minutes after you sit down and keep repeatedly nagging you. I like to suss a venue out first for the first 10 minutes, but it was hard to do so with all the nagging. I understand that the ladies are there to work, but all that nagging was a buzz kill and I had to cut my stay short.

I'd rather stick to bookings off ESA, and don't think I'll return to Chivalry unless there's a major upgrade and improvement on customer service.


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