CPT123 - Best in Cape Town?
Best in Cape Town?
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17 Oct 2009
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Posted: 2009-10-17 19:11:24

Just joined the forum and have been doing some reading, as far as younger white girls/malay/asian girls go who could you guys suggest.

Have to be honest dont have too much of an idea where to look!

Capie - Re: Best in Cape Town?
Re: Best in Cape Town?
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10 Mar 2007
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Posted: 2009-10-17 19:41:51
Edited: 2010-02-13 12:29:55

CPT123 ...

With acknowledgement to PST who posted the following on 7/9/2008 with some new information added in ...


Top class:

PLUSH on The Square - Very upmarket in the Cape Town CBD. Venue opened a few months ago with ladies working there known to be good and very professionally run by the lady owner ...

The Ranch - A premier venue in Joostenberg Vlakte.

Nauty40 - Cape Town CBD. The venue is very professional with a big selection of ladies.

The Embassy - Bad press aside, the venue is very upmarket, and seems to have a decent selection between local and imported oriental girls.

Bedazzled - Smallish club, with a limited choice of ladies but very clean and well presented rooms (all have double beds and a private shower). Never had a bad experience there.

Middle Class:

Paradise Penthouse - In the heart of Cape Town, has seen better days, has seen better girls, not terrible.

Zendalee - Near the foreshore in the CT CBD, venue is OK, girls have been well trained.

Avoid like the plague:

The Majestic - I would not punt there with BoneRanger's dick.

Hanky Panky - In Milnerton... This is where STDs mutate to become airborne.

Chicago - In Bellville... unless overweight, white girls are your thing, then it's perfect.

Places I can not comment on (as I have not visited them):

Karin's Classique (Sea Point)
Karin's Classique (Bellville)
Elegance (CBD)
Eden (Bellville)
Partners (Bellville)
The Honey Pot (Milnerton)
Salon Europa (CBD)
Moonlight North (very low class venue)
Moonlight South (very low class venue)
Blouberg Babes (Owners been known to mistreat the ladies in the past)

There are a few other lesser known places in and around Cape Town that do not really have names... each with a varying amount of class, but you can not go wrong with the top venues above.

Recommended Cape Town WG's:

Jessica - Bedazzled (Day Shift)
Claudia - Nauty 40 (Day Shift)
Charna - N40 (Night Shift)
Erin - PLUSH
Logan - PLUSH
Zarah - PLUSH
Heidi - Parklands
Thuli - Table View
Karen - Honeypot
Arabella - CBD
Dominique - N40 (Day shift)
Jasmin - Rondebosch
Joy - CBD
Aneeka - N40 (Day shift)
Gizelle - Gardens (If you manage to get hold of her)

All the venues advertise in the local newspapers (Cape Times & The Argus)

Hope all of the above helps ...

Have fun! ;)

13/2/2010: Edited recommended WG's
keaton - Re: Best in Cape Town?
Re: Best in Cape Town?
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12 Feb 2010
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Posted: 2010-02-12 01:07:19

Sorry just one question as i am new in cape town.

How much does a night out in a place like this going to set you back, in other words what is the going rate
PunterS.Thompson - Re: Best in Cape Town?
Re: Best in Cape Town?
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22 Apr 2008
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Posted: 2010-02-12 01:26:45

Depends on how you got there...

If you got there on your own steam, it will be cheaper than if you took a taxi or not. If you do take a taxi, do not say ''Take me to a place that has girls'', say ''Take me to Place X'' and do not let him go in with you.

On average, you will be paying between R600 and R800, depending on where you go.

Your Gonzo Reporter
raymalex - Re: Best in Cape Town?
Re: Best in Cape Town?
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20 Jan 2010
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Posted: 2010-02-12 09:19:22

run searches on the forum first!!! my lesson to you...


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