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Gabby N40 - CBD (Jade GG - Southern Suburbs) Cape Town
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8 Jan 2011
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Posted: 2011-01-13 12:54:19

Name: Gabby (Ex Jade)
Race: Coloured
Age guestimate: 23
Other Name/s: Jade from the southern suburbs on GG
Area: N40 - CBD - Cnr Bree and Wale street
Tel: 021 422 0706/7/8/9
Advertises: GG - Jade.
Fee: N40 rates - R600 30 mins and R700 60 mins.

Excuse the long intro but Thursday night was bit of a punting crawl for me... so wanted to put things in context.


So as my good friend Capie indicated in one of his posts, me and him met up for drinks at the Embassy on Thursday night. We both had fairly successfull bookings at the Embassy. ( Me and Logan sharing some quality time in the Jacuzzi at the Embassy) and in Capie case should i say double booking putting an end to his jinx he has been having for the weeks so far.. So on my way leaving the Embassy got a call from a friend which ended up with me at Mavericks being teased by a few hot russian strippers, which led to to little G requiring some much needed attention again. As I have never been to N40 at night before decided to take the plunge and visited the club around 1:30 that morning. Walked in and I see what my fellow forum members meant by TCM. Paid her my R50.00 and went to the bar to see if there was anyone exciting there. Walked in and there was about 20 girls there of different races, size and body types. Saw a few that interested me, Rihanna (young coloured girl with a tongue ring and firm body, Kylie and Gabby. As this was a night of experimenting decided to go with Gabby as I had never been with a BBW lady before. So started to chat to Gaby at the bar and this was the beginning of another excelling punt for the evening so on to the review


Started to chat to Gabby at the bar and she came across as a very sweet girl, definatly knows hot to hold conversation and was not too pushy about booking me. Turns out she normally works day shift but came in later today so was doing a shift and half so to speak.

Gabby is a short mixed race girl, mainly indian, of 23 (I have a bit of fetish for indian girls). She is chubby with large i would say D cup boobs and very large and responsive nipples. A JLo ass with short legs and small feet with very cute toes. She also has long black hair , comes of initially as bitchy but thats her shyness, give her a few minutes to warm up and she give u one fo the better GFE around.

So I decided to book her, did the formalities with TCM, (does she ever smile?) and we went up to the room. Sessionstarted with her slowly undressing me and teasing me a little by giving me little touches and kisses all over. Once iw as naked she started to press her body against me with her back to me and guided my hands to her boobs while I slowly started to kiss her neck and my hands started to explore her body through her dress.

She then stripped out of her dress and let her underwear ease off as we moved to the bed and started to lay next to each other and started caressing and kissing each other all over. She kisses very well after some warming and be prepared for lots of tongue and lip teasing nibbling..

Oral was very good, (not execptional as I prefer OWO) and as she was blowing me gave me access to feel her punani.. and I let my fingers do the walking so to speak and started playing with her clit which after a while I could feel her getting very wet and i started to finger her which made her moan with pleasure... She is shaved with a little brazilian strip down there and fairly odourless which is why I went down on her as well..

After a few minutes i moved her onto her back and started to kiss her up her legs and inner thighs genlty teasing her by blowing air over her clit and lips and then gently kissing her clit and lip areas. This drove her into verdrive and her body started shaking as she came with a big 'Fuck yes,, dont stop... '..

After five minutes she says she is ready to take her inside me and ask me what position I prefer we started off missionary and moved between that and her riding me and eventually ending with her riding my cowgirl style. Throught it all she was very responive and begged me to squeeze her nipples and play with her breast and clit.. So I had a GFE which turn into a bit go PSE..

Once i blew my load we both just layed there and started chatting about this and that and all of sudden it clicked in my head were I had seen her before.

She use to work at Singa as Bash for two weeks abouth 10 months ago and I had seen her once there for a massage.

Also turns out she is the cousin of Kylie (who also works nightshift at N40) and sister of Mina form Singa. She use to work privatly as Jade in Milnerton and Claremont recently. She has only been at N40 for tree days and could not use Jade as they have one already.

So all in all a very good end to the evening and Little G was well satisfied..

Venue: 8/10
Body: 6/10
Personality: 9/10
Oral: 7/10
Kissing: 7/10
Overall experience: 7.5/10


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