Jared53 - 'The Palace' Springs - Review
'The Palace' Springs - Review
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31 May 2010
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Posted: 2010-06-25 12:51:45

Review on “The Palace” Springs

Entrance R30 p/p

Location: Springs, 12th Street (just as you exciting Springs CBD.)

I always enjoy visiting a new strip club, something different to see and always hopeful that I will find a little bit of talent. Well I met a mate at The Palace, as I had seen it advertised on ST and the pictures of the WG on the net looked ok, (wont go as far as saying spectacular, but ok.)

They have 2 sets of parking, one on the street, which is obviously not discreet by any means and one that is behind a big gate, right next to the entrance, which is very discreet.

Entrance was only R30 p/p on arrival which came as a pleasant surprise as all the other strip clubs are about R100 p/p.

When entering the place looks quite clean and neat, but we thought we might be rather early, as there were very few ladies around, so we headed across to the bar and had a few drinks, when the first show started. Well lets just say the show was nothing to write home about. it was one of the WG that got onto the stage and did a little dance and got her kit off for us lads, (all 7 of us in the club, and out of the 7 was my mate and I, so you can imagine it was packed, LOL.) The problem is they use the ladies inside the club to do the shows and not hire any expert strip dancers, and as we all know WG often cant do shows, (well most of them that is) and to top it off, when you hire strip dancers you get quality and these girls are not quality. I guess in a way you get to sample the merchandise before making a decision of taking it around the back for a shag. still saying that I like to see quality ladies shrugging their stuff around!!!

The venue is a rather small one, but as mentioned I was very impressed with how neat it was. The option of bar stools or soft leather couches with little tables scattered around the main stage. the drinks are not badly priced either, which I guess is a given as they are trying to attract as many people as possible. They have a VIP section behind the stage which we got told was R5000.00 per annum. Now who in there right mind would want a VIP card which has the room behind the stage, and the only perk you get is free entrance, and at R30 p/p you would have to go 166.67 times just to break even, oh but you get to sit in a room all by yourself behind the stage and look important, LOL. They never thought that part through I don’t think!!!

As the night got on, it became a little more busy, and more ladies arrived in drips and drabs, not at all excited with life or that they had to work, by taking there kit off or getting a shag. One lady however did look rather ok, which was Carol. Surprisingly she was in her 40’s but looked in top shape, one that you could see hits the gym everyday. Tight body and muscles, and a figure to die for. She says her daughter works there as well Stacey, which in the picture, (on ST) looks supper hot, but she was not working that night.

They have about 25 ladies in total, which is a mixture of mainly white girls and a few Asians. There are two Asian girls that are okay, nothing spectacular but not bad either. The ladies are a typical farmers type bunch, with not much style or idea of latest fashion.

We had a tour of the rooms, which looked very neat and clean, with Jacuzzi’s also looking okay, and they get filled and emptied for every new client so that was also very nice to hear. Showers clean and soft towels.

After seeing the rooms, and a few beers I took Carol for a booking as there was nothing else to even look at, and she was not bad at all, enjoyed, (or acted as if she enjoyed) the experience and was very friendly, with loads of kissing and not a bad BJ. Her supper body is what did it for me though!! I think I paid R450 or R500 for and hour with Jacuzzi.


Venue cleanness: 8/10
Venue Location: 4/10 (Springs, ass end of the world)
Friendliness: 6/10
Quality of Ladies: 4/10 (that is Carol bringing the total girls ratings up from 2/10)
Costs: 7/10 (Entrance, beers, ladies all well priced)

Total experience: 5/10

Nice little clean venue, with cheap entrance and drinks, but the location is on the ass end of the world and the quality of the ladies needs some serious changes, and improvements, as they rely on Carol and daughter Stacey as they are the only lookers in the place.
Sir_lickAlot - Re: 'The Palace' Springs - Review
Re: 'The Palace' Springs - Review
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9 Oct 2009
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Posted: 2010-08-10 23:58:03

Great review ! Thanks Jared53
Jared53 - Re: 'The Palace' Springs - Review
Re: 'The Palace' Springs - Review
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31 May 2010
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Posted: 2010-08-12 15:03:52

Sure thing mate. glad you enjoyed it.

The prices i beleive have changed a little, i hear the entrance is now at R50p/p.



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